Tanzania here we come!

It's been a busy 5 months at Ejo Partners. With more then 100 people trained in financial literacy and business planning since January. We are now ready to explore new ventures and meet the entrepreneurs of Tanzania. 

 After only 15 months we are now working in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Tanzania.

Our aspiration to become a fresh East African company is slowing becoming a reality.



Why I love my job!

I work on a desk, in front of a screen day in day out. My 8-year-old cousin once asked me what I did for a living, I told him that I wrote emails and made phone calls and had meetings with people. In response to my answer my cousin replied, "Oh that’s it, not very fun is it?”

 My cousin is probably right that my job is not much fun, however on those infrequent yet special days when I venture to Nyamirabo and find what it is that makes my job so special and rewarding, it may not be right to classify it as fun, but it certainly is enjoyable.

 I met Cyridion in his humble workshop and liked him immediately, after asking me to introduce myself, his next question was "are you like all the others, who come promising things and then disappear?” I smiled and answered "probably"

Cyridion can build you any shape of fridge, in the shape of a lion, Lamborghini; you name it he can build it! Cyridion also builds cold rooms for supermarkets, markets, and hospitals.

 But what makes Cyridion one of my favourite entrepreneurs is that he makes literally fridges from scratch, and most often from recycled materials. With the right network, marketing strategy and investment Cyridion could pretty much launch a new industry in Rwanda. As Cyridion once told me "You know I'm learning English, and once I speak it, who's going to stop me, really? I will be making cold rooms and fridges for the whole of East Africa!"

So next time you need a fridge or a cold room, do me a favour and buy a Rwandan one! Get Cyridion to pimp it up with solar panels and make it you own! 

P.S Check him out and see what he's got to say Cyridion